Maximize Your eCPM and Revenue
By 50% —With A Full-Stack Programmatic Monetization Platform.

Automatad helps you access a suite of monetization products, connect to the best demand partners (SSPs) including Google AdX, and run ultra-low latency auctions to sell your ad impressions at the highest possible prices — while preserving the user experience.

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Header Auction Suite

Utilize an advanced header bidding technology — built on top of Prebid — to make the demand partners compete in a fair, unified, first-price auction environment, resulting in higher eCPM and revenue.

We offer an intuitive dashboard with granular controls to let you run efficient header auctions. From universal timeouts to floor prices to user IDs, leverage all the features you need to manage header bidding.

AMP Monetization Suite

Translate your AMP traffic into revenue. Open up your AMP inventory to the best demand partners and utilize server-side header bidding technology to make them compete for your ad impressions.

When it comes to AMP, speed wins. So, we have built a scalable, efficient server-side infrastructure to help publishers like you to monetize AMP traffic without worrying about page load speed.

Active Exposure Time

Maximize your revenue per session by delivering a higher number of viewable ad impressions—without disrupting the UX. AXT technology tracks user engagement and ad viewability of the units to recreate highly-viewable ad inventory for advertisers to bid on.

Unlike legacy ad refresh solutions, AXT reloads an ad only when it has been viewed by an active
user for 25s. Finally, an ad refresh tool both publishers and advertisers love!  

Run Any Format. Get the Best Possible Price
Higher Ad Revenue
From header bidding to intelligent ad refresh, you can access and experiment with new products & features to maximize your ad revenue substantially.
Multiple Formats
You can run any ad formats — from display to video, monetize your AMP traffic, and get the highest possible eCPM with our Unified Auction suite.
On-time Payments
We collect, reconcile, and deliver the payment straight to your account. No hassle. You get paid on time, every time.
Hear it from Publishers

Automatad's products and ad ops team rebuilt our ad stack and optimized the setup in a way that helps us to get the maximum revenue without hampering the user experience. We were able to finally focus on content and traffic as Automatad ensure there's a consistent growth in revenue month-over-month.

- Suraj Dhakne, FirstCry.

Beyond access to top-tier bidding partners, Automatad helped us rethink our ad placements, offered us ad layout flexibility and customization, were cognizant of our unique site mechanic requirements, and helped to increase our ad revenue over 100%.

Nathan Chase,
Co-founder, Flickchart.

We’ve worked with Automatad for almost a year now and after cycling through three other ad partners in under 2 years, I’m glad we found Automatad. Their technology is fast, light-weight, and transparent. The team is continually improving their technology stack, which is imperative in the adops business.

Garrell Simmons,
CEO of Jersey Media, Inc.

How A Parenting and Health Publisher Increased their Ad Revenue by 57%
with Automatad?

“Automatad's products and ad ops team rebuilt our ad stack and optimized the setup in a way that helps us to get the maximum revenue without hampering the user experience. We were able to finally focus on content and traffic as Automatad ensure there's a consistent growth in revenue month-over-month.” 




Ad Impressions per mo.

Uplift in Ad Revenue

Increase in Ad Viewability.

7 Day Free Consultation! Yes!

Our ad operations team will audit your site and work with you closely to provide actionable strategies, insider tips, and suggestions to improve your setup and maximize revenue for the next 7 days — at absolutely no cost. You make the call after a week. No contracts. No lock-ins! 

Analyzing the current setup, performance metrics, user behavior, and understanding your goals. 
Actionable suggestions on how to improve ad viewability across the domain based on our analysis of user behavior. 
With the historical data of media buyers, site layout, and content taxonomy, we’ll come up with ideal placements and layout suggestions to maximize CTR. 
A deeper dive into your page load issues and eliminating latency. Preparing you up for Google’s core web vitals and future SEO update. 
Setup Optimization
After going through pricing rules, inventory targeting, demand, deal setup, we’ll optimize and revamp the current ad stack.
As we took care of the factors that matter, it’s time to maximize your eCPM and command better bid prices. We’ll help you run some tweaks and set the auctions right. 
Revenue Per Session
We go beyond eCPM. We’ll look at how you can multiply your pageviews and deliver more impressions to maximize revenue per user session.  
Frequently Asked Questions
Who do we work with?

Automatad offers a full-stack programmatic monetization platform to help web publishers (websites) run header bidding and maximize ad revenue. We partner with publishers with a minimum of 5Mn+ pageviews per month. We don’t work with app developers, youtube creators or sites with * domains.

Do publishers need to sign any lock in contracts?

No, not at all. While we know many header bidding providers ask publishers to sign lock in contracts, we believe that publishers should have the flexibility to make the best decisions to grow their revenues — at any time. You can get started without signing any lock-in contract and opt out by simply giving a notice period.

Is it free to get started with your header bidding suite?

Yes, it’s 100% free to get started with us. And, there’s no upfront fee involved for setup or accessing the demand partners. We work on a revenue share basis. So, at the end of the billing cycle, we’ll take a small cut from the ad revenue we generated for you.

Does your header bidding wrapper slow down the page?

No, our header bidding script/setup doesn’t cause any latency. We use universal timeouts, global CDN-network, Anycast network routing, GZip compression, HTTP/2 protocol, and more to reduce script load times and improve performance.

Does AXT refresh comply with policies from Ad Exchanges?

As AXT reloads ads based on user engagement on the page and ad viewability, it complies with the policies from all the SSPs and ad exchanges in the market. AXT technology delivered over 10 bn+ ad impressions for hundreds of publishers in the last few years and proven to work with all the demand partners.

How do you implement Header Bidding on AMP Pages?

AMP released a feature called ‘Real-Time Config (RTC)’ — which allows publishers to send callouts to five different vendors simultaneously. As an official RTC partner, we leverage RTC to initiate server-side header auctions and then deliver the highest paying ad in microseconds.

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