Jeff Li, Solution Architect, The Georgia Straight.

"Automatad’s team is proactive and their website audit was quite detailed.
They were able to capture quite a few opportunities that really clicked for me and the team. By the end of 5th day, I agreed to stay and give them a shot. I haven't looked back since then"

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Analyzing the current setup, performance metrics, user behavior, and understanding your goals. 
Actionable suggestions on how to improve ad viewability across the domain based on our analysis of user behavior. 
With the historical data of media buyers, site layout, and content taxonomy, we’ll come up with ideal placements and layout suggestions to maximize CTR. 
A deeper dive into your page load issues and eliminating latency. Preparing you up for Google’s core web vitals and future SEO update. 
Setup Optimization
After going through pricing rules, inventory targeting, demand, deal setup, we’ll optimize and revamp the current ad stack.
As we took care of the factors that matter, it’s time to maximize your eCPM and command better bid prices. We’ll help you run some tweaks and set the auctions right. 
Revenue Per Session
We go beyond eCPM. We’ll look at how you can multiply your pageviews and deliver more impressions to maximize revenue per user session.  

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