Maximize Your eCPM and Revenue —
With A Unified Auction Suite

Automatad helps you access the best demand partners and utilize the advanced header bidding technology to make them compete in a fair, unified, first-price auction environment — resulting in higher eCPM and revenue. 

Don’t take our word for it. Here’s our publishers average eCPM across the verticals:

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Technology that Evolves Faster than the Market.

We built on top of Prebid, the open-source and transparent header bidding framework used by the ComScore Top 100 publishers. You can start by using the universal timeouts, floor prices, and move to more advanced features to leverage identity solutions, become GDPR/CCPA compliant, and more.

Our wrapper does what others don’t. We stay ahead of the market. Always!

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Introduce the best demand partners (SSPs), decide and set auction rules, and run ultra-low latency header auctions.

With Automatad, you can access 15+ top demand partners including AppNexus (now, Xandr), Magnite, OpenX, PubMatic, and more. Through Google MCM partnership, we can get the advertisers from Google Ad Exchange to bid on your impressions — intensifying the competition further.

How A Parenting and Health Publisher Increased their Ad Revenue by 57% with Automatad?

“Automatad's products and ad ops team rebuilt our ad stack and optimized the setup in a way that helps us to get the maximum revenue without hampering the user experience. We were able to finally focus on content and traffic as Automatad ensure there's a consistent growth in revenue month-over-month.”

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Our ad operations team will audit your site and work with you closely to provide actionable strategies, insider tips, and suggestions to improve your setup and maximize revenue for the next 7 days — at absolutely no cost. You make the call after a week. No contracts. No lock-ins!

Jenny, Ad Ops Head, Dot Dash Media, Inc.

"Automatad’s team is proactive and their website audit was quite detailed. They were able to capture quite a few opportunities that really clicked for me and the team. By the end of 5th day, I agreed to stay with them and give them a shot.

Day 1: Analyze

Analyzing the current setup, performance metrics, user behavior, and understanding your goals.

Day 4: Latency

A deeper dive into your page load issues and eliminating latency. Preparing you up for Google’s core web vitals and future SEO update.

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We are offering 7 day free consultation for a limited number of publishers. If you are evaluating header bidding providers and want to know how Automatad can substantially increase your ad revenue, just sign up. We'll get back to you soon!

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